Estilo Brasileiro

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Nicknames include: Brazilian Wax, Brazilian Whacks, The Wax, The Yellow Cowdenbeath, Brazil, Os Canarinhos, The Fat Ronaldos, Spiderman and his Amazing Friends.

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When was your team formed?: 
Summer 2014 by a mixture of new players and survivors from the previous season's Actimel team. Summer 2016 saw Slow Mex merge with us in hopes of together becoming a force in the first division.
Where does your team name come from?: 
Wearing the famous canarinha yellow shirts of the Brazilian Seleção, our name means 'Brazilian Style' (think football, pubic waxing, spit roasts)...
What was your team´s best moment in the league?: 
Winning the Madrid Copita and being International Copita finalists in 2015. Victory against Atlético Cero 4-3 in the league. The best is yet to come.
What was your team´s worst moment in the league?: 
Losing and a few games later drawing with last minute goals against FC Británico on our way to choking in the Second Division title race in 2018.
How would you describe yor team´s style of play?: 
Ehm... Brazilian Style. Like seeing Christ the Redeemer between a woman's thighs...
What are your aspirations for this season?: 
Ganar, ganar, ganar, y volver a ganar
What nationalities do you have in your team: 
Past and present: Brazilian, Chilean, Danish, Dominican, English, French, Irish, Peruvian, Scottish and Spanish (all Brazilian in spirit).
Strip Colour (Home): 
Strip colour (Away):