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When was your team formed?: 
Current team was formed with the 2015/2016, but the name The Void has been used by other teams previously.
Where does your team name come from?: 
Beware The Void!
What was your team´s best moment in the league?: 
Definitely the game against Los Hombres de Paco. We were down by a difference of 3 goals until the last 2 minutes, then we reversed it to a 8-7 win!
What was your team´s worst moment in the league?: 
Probably the whole of the first half of the season where we lost all games.
How would you describe yor team´s style of play?: 
Very balanced between attack and defence, with players who can make a difference in all positions.
What are your aspirations for this season?: 
Realistically speaking, our goal is to win the second division
What nationalities do you have in your team: 
American, Australian, Egyptian, English, German, Spanish
Stephen Tempest
Strip Colour (Home): 
Strip colour (Away):