Los Galácticos

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League Cup and IFL Cup Champions 2016/2017. Established in 2012/2013, we are a mixture of the former Britanicos and Catenaccio Teams in 2012. Now, 2018/2019 League Cup & IFL Cup winners. League Champions 2019/20 season.

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When was your team formed?: 
Team made form 2 old teams - Sept 2013
Where does your team name come from?: 
Use your imagination.
What was your team´s best moment in the league?: 
Winning it during a global pandemic like LFC did!
What was your team´s worst moment in the league?: 
The league breaking off in March 2020 just after we thumped Finbars.
How would you describe yor team´s style of play?: 
Quick, slick and penetrative attacking play with a defensive solidity.
What are your aspirations for this season?: 
Winner every Cup on display.
What nationalities do you have in your team: 
British, Irish, Colombian, French, Moroccan, American, Hungarian and Spanish
stewart agudelo
Jesse Bhogal
Strip Colour (Home): 
Strip colour (Away): 
White + red & blue patches on crest.